To those who know me, it is no small secret that I struggle with depression and seasonal affective disorder.  Over the years I have had my highs and lows.  Right now I am in an in-between place that is frustrating.  There are many factors that play into my current state of mind. Season:  Since I … Continue reading

Public Transportation

I love taking public transportation. Not for the reasons you may think. Sure it is great to be able to sit back and read a book, something you probably shouldn’t do while driving a vehicle. It is nice to not have to worry about traffic lights, other drivers, or the speed limit.  It is delightful … Continue reading

Label Maker

As human beings we like to label things.  It helps us to identify what they are, what role they play, and how they relate to us.  For example, if you label something a ‘box’ you know that it can carry stuff, store stuff, ship stuff, or even be turned into a fort (assuming it is … Continue reading

Introducing Vanille

Vanille (Kaias Vassar) came to join our family on May 11, 2011 just two days after her 2nd birthday.  She was the 8th puppy born in her litter of nine and she is a retired racetrack dog.  Vanille only has three races to her credit all at Orange Park in Florida.  Her career ended due … Continue reading

Recall Training

Anyone who knows I have a dog knows that I think she is the bees knees, the cats pyjamas, and the snakes hips all wrapped in one.  Being a retired racing greyhound has presented its fair share of challenges.  For example, when she joined our family in May she had never lived in a house, … Continue reading

Happy Feet

Church Service

I sleepily blinked at the alarm telling me it was 7:53 a.m. and groaned.  I had just over an hour before it was time to teach my lesson in Young Womens and I did not want to do it.  I lay there mulling over the notion of pretending to sleep through my alarm.  I shook … Continue reading

Broken Seashells

Today started off well enough.  Vanille let me sleep, we said goodbye to Jake, and went for our two mile jog.  The only eventful thing that happened on our walk was two aggressive dogs (same yard) charged the fence as we passed giving both Vanille and I a good scare.  If I hadn’t had a … Continue reading

I Can Cook. See Me Cook.

It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I discovered that I enjoy cooking.  Truth be told, I used to be to terrified to even try.  There were several reasons I was afraid.  One of them was I thought if I even tried it meant I would be trying to compete with my … Continue reading


Snow or Shine; Rain or Sleet

Vanille is such a fun dog.  I feel like my whole world has opened up because of having her in my life.  One thing she has taught me is that regardless of weather she needs her walk.  She enjoys her walks so much if we miss a day or are even late in leaving for … Continue reading

My Music Library

I was going through my music library (on the computer) and realized that of what I own 70% was legitimately purchased, 20% was downloaded from a CD I borrowed from a friend and 10% was of questionable origins.  I also noticed that in regards to relevancy only about 25% of my library meets my current … Continue reading